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Stephen Co: SuperBrain Yoga and Pranic Healing - 2 of 2

A form of touch-based "energy medicine," pranic healing is based on the belief that stimulating the "universal life force" helps bodies heal themselves. Practitioners use a series of hand "sweeps" and finger gestures that manipulate the body’s own energy source, or prana, in order to accelerate its natural healing abilities for a number of persistent health problems, including PMS, insomnia and hypertension.

Your Hands Can Heal You: Pranic Healing Energy Remedies to Boost Vitality and Speed Recovery from Common Health Problems (Paperback) by Master Stephen Co (Author), Eric B. Robins (Author), John Merryman (Contributor)

The focus of this book is showing us how to heal ourselves quickly and effectively, to make us proactively aware of the mechanisms by which our negative thoughts and emotions can create disease, and give us effective tools to counter these. However, the same techniques can easily be applied to others without additional references needed. More importantly, step-by-step routines are included for practically and incrementally incorporating the book lessons into our daily routine with time management being a priority. If you have never done or experienced any form of "energy medicine", this book is designed for you.

For all readers, regardless of experience level, you will greatly benefit from the powerful energy generating breathing exercises and meditations provided within.

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