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Start Exercising

Exercise is one of the most important things you can do to improve your level of wellness. Good physical fitness and health go hand in hand. Exercise helps you to maintain overall health, longevity, assist you with weight-loss, and is also very good stress relief.

Human body is wonderful moving machine and is made to work best when it is physically active. Of all the various methods of preserving health, and of preventing diseases, which Nature has suggested, there is none more effective than exercise. Exercise puts all body fluids in motion, strengthens the solids, raises perspiration, and forces the decomposition of a larger quantity of atmospheric air in the lungs. Therefore, in order to preserve the health of the body, the Nature has made exercise absolutely necessary to the greater part of mankind for obtaining the means of existence.

If exercise had not been absolutely essential for our well-being, Nature wouldn't give us the body so proper for it. Our bones, joints and ligaments provide a great support system for movement and our muscles perform the motions of great work and play. Nature made us capable for number of active motions by giving such an activity to our limbs, and such a pliancy to every part, as necessarily, to produce compressive strength, bending, flexing, dilatation, expansion and all other kinds of motions, that are necessary for the preservation of such a complicated system of tubes and glands.

Human body readily adapts to practically any level of activity and exercise. People of all ages, both female and male benefit from regular physical activity. The more people exercise, the stronger and more fit they become. The opposite is also true. If people don't have enough activity and they don't exercise, their bones lose their density, muscles become weak, joints stiffen and cellular energy system begin to degenerate. The benefits of physical activity are both mental and physical, immediate and far reaching. Physically fit people are healthier, they can easily do everyday tasks, they are less likely to develop disease, and they usually look and feel good.

Of all the different kinds of exercise, there is none that conduces so much naturally to health as walking. Walking is not attended with the fatigue of running, and the free air is more enjoyed in this way than by any other mode of exercise.

Walking can improve your mood, stimulate creativity, relieve anxiety, clarify thinking and provide an outlet for accumulated anger or even aggression. It will simply help you to improve your mood and cognitive functions. Try to go for a brisk walk after hard day at work, when you feel down or depressed and experience immediate relaxed state of your body and mind.

Avoid exercising immediately after heavy meal or after dinner. The best time for taking exercise is before meal, or at least one hour after meal for the body is then more vigorous and alert, and the mind more cheerful, and better disposed to enjoy the pleasure of exercise. Exercise done immediately after a full meal disturbs digestion, and causes painful sensations in the stomach and bowels, with heart-burn, and acid eructation.

Keep in mind, whatever style of exercise you practice, it shouldn't initially to be too violent. Regular appropriate exercise should be safe and beneficial for you. Even if you have some type of chronic disease, disability or other special health condition, you can find exercise that will benefit your health. The risks associated with not exercising are far greater than those associated with a moderate program of regular exercise.


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