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Mood & Anxiety Disorders - Ask For Help

Many people experience mood and anxiety disorders, yet only a fraction seek help. Learn how to pick therapist and ask for help.

If you are feeling gloomy, inadequate, worried, upset and with low self confidence, you need to talk with a professional. Find therapist  before you reach dangerous depression level and put your health in serious risk.

Seeing a professional will give you insights into how you handle tough situations and help you to change your behavior. Good professional will help you feel relieved and at the same time you will learn how to talk about your problems. You don't have to keep everything inside, and of course, there's no need to be frightened or ashamed about getting help. Your therapy doesn't have to be continuous or prolonged. Just make sure you are ready to address your issues honestly.

Liking your therapist is the most important factor in getting the best help and have effective therapy. Keep in mind that you are going to talk about your very private things. So, choose therapist you feel most comfortable.

CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy is the most common treatment. It helps treat depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety are two of the most common reasons for seeking professional help. CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) is based on the relationship between what you feel, think and do, and how your feelings can impact your well being.

While most therapists can help with a variety of problems like panic attacks and depression, for more serious problems that are disabling or possibility that can put your life at risk (suicidal thoughts) you will need doctor who is specialized in psychiatry. Psychiatrists are doctors who are specialized in psychiatry after medical school. They can deal with the most serious cases, prescribe medication and give counseling. They are also trained to use variety of psychological tests that will reveal your personal characteristics and help them understand you. Psychological tests will also help your therapist deal with your problems and help them find proper therapy for you.

Pretty much anyone can use title therapist or counselor, so you might wish to ask your family doctor for referral or go through the official counseling association to find one. Just make sure that you are dealing with qualified and certified person who can really help with your issues.

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