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How Dead is Your Diet?

By Yuri Elkaim

Dead foods are foods that have been cooked. They have lost their highly beneficial enzymes, nutrients, and their life energy. They have been stripped of the majority of their vitamins, minerals, and cancer preventing phytonutrients. It is well known that heat causes unfavourable chemical changes in food. Many naturopathic doctors even state that "cooking food creates a host of compounds that the body is not designed to metabolize."

Think about this…

We are the only creatures on earth who cook their foods - we also exhibit the most disease - while 99.99% of the plant foods on our plant are available in their raw state. In fact, it has been shown that cooking a potato creates over 400 known, unknown, and dangerous compounds!

Eating food that has been cooked above 180 degrees Fahrenheit causes a pathogenic response in the body called leukocytosis whereby the white blood cells (immune cells) are actually used to digest foods much as they would attack foreign substances.

What this means to you is that your body no longer operates as it should when it eats dead foods.

This has been confirmed in hundreds of experiments and by the research of Swiss scientist Paul Kouchakoff. These conditions predispose your body to developing food allergies, sensitivities, and a hyperactive immune system (remember my story!).

Eating for Energy will show you how to transition from a dead food diet into a way of eating that incorporates more alkalizing, enzyme-rich, energy producing raw foods.

The difference between dead and living foods can easily be seen in the following 2 kirlian photographs. The one on the left is of raw organic broccoli. Notice the energy emanating from it.

Conversely, the broccoli on the right has been lightly steamed for just 1 minute! Notice the drastic reduction in energy or life force.

Raw organic brocolliCooked brocolli


Considering that we are physical beings with undeniable energy properties, which broccoli would you rather feed your body?

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