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Healthy Diet

Learn more about healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. Healthy habits take some effort. There's no magic pill that instantly does the trick. We all know that being healthy basically comes down to taking proper care of our mind and body.

In order to maintain healthy body we should make smart food choices and monitor: what we eat, how much we eat, and how much physical activity we get.

How Dead is Your Diet? - Dead foods are foods that have been cooked. They have lost their highly beneficial enzymes, nutrients, and their life energy. They have been stripped of the majority of their vitamins, minerals, and cancer preventing phytonutrients. It is well known that heat causes unfavourable chemical changes in food. Many naturopathic doctors even state that "cooking food creates a host of compounds that the body is not designed to metabolize."

Are You Food Sensitive? - Food sensitivity or food intolerance is any adverse reaction your body has to foods or chemicals in foods. It is a real problem for many people. Reactions can include; Ecezma, Headaches & Migraine, ASD, ADHD, Irritability, Tummy aches and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Plant Foods and Cancer Prevention - Basing our diets on plant foods (like vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, and pulses such as beans), which contain fibre and other nutrients, can reduce our risk of cancer.

Supplements and Cancer Prevention
- To reduce your risk of cancer, choose a balanced diet with a variety of foods rather than taking supplements. Nutrient-rich whole foods contain substances that are necessary for good health like fibre, vitamins and minerals. Although some of these substances are available as supplements, scientists cannot be sure that we get the same benefit if we consume nutrients in this form. Research also shows that taking high doses of some supplements could be harmful to our health.

Red and Processed Meat and Cancer - To reduce your cancer risk, eat no more than 500g (cooked weight) per week of red meats, like beef, pork and lamb, and avoid processed meats such as ham, bacon, salami, hot dogs and some sausages.

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