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About Natural Healing

(From Chapter X. "Dare to be Healthy.") - By Dr. Louis Dechmann

Part 4

Of what use to us, for instance, are the Roentgen X-rays in diseases of the nerves when there is a generally diseased condition of the blood, which, as we now know, is also the primary cause of lung, liver, stomach and kidney troubles, cancer, scrofula, rheumatism, gout, obesity, diabetes, and the rest?

In such cases chemistry is necessary, in order to ascertain what ingredients are missing in the blood; they cannot be detected microscopically.

What blunders are continually committed in the treatment of nerve diseases! No one considers the physiological law that no parts of the nerves can perform their functions lastingly and naturally unless they are continually supplied with blood permeated with oxygen; and for this purpose iron is most necessary as an adequate ingredient.

Physicians of the old-school do prescribe iron plentifully, but in inorganic form; and because it is not organized it is indigestible and is excreted. That is why the treatment of the diseases of the nerves, which are so general and widespread, has been so unsuccessful.

It is not generally known that organized ammonium phosphate (Lecithin), which is the mineral foundation of the Neurogen I prescribe, will regenerate the nerve cells if consumed in the proper proportions. It is, likewise, little known that although a person with diseased lungs be placed under conditions where he may acquire an ample quantity of pure air—that is oxygen—and may consume as much as four quarts of milk daily, he will nevertheless most certainly be doomed to perish if his food does not contain the elements of iron, lime and sulphur in sufficient quantities.

These simple physiological laws have been ignored and medical men have given us instead, the teachings of the school of bacteriology with its pitiful illusions and its endless train of suffering and sorrow.

The testimony of many patients who have undergone treatment in the best physical culture and so-called, natural healing establishments both in Europe and America, serves to show that their success has been but partial and one-sided; that is, they have abandoned their wrong albumen theory, and their state of health has consequently improved. But, practically, the treatment has failed; for complete and final recovery—that is, full and correct nutrition and strengthening of the nerves, has not been accomplished. Such failure is due to the fact that certain essential constituents have not been supplied. These vital constituents my organic nutritive cell-food therapy is designed to provide.

What is lacking in the field of practical science, as authoritatively voiced by the unprogressive faculty of today, is an absence of chemical knowledge, especially on the part of the physician and the naturalist; and, as likewise, the so-called scientific farmer upon whose assurances we so naturally rely for the wholesome production of food is woefully ignorant on matters of agricultural chemistry, the logical consequence is that in all civilized countries great mistakes have been unconsciously made and perpetuated, detrimental to the health of man and beast alike and vitally prejudicial to the healthy sustenance of the race.

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