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About Natural Healing

(From Chapter X. "Dare to be Healthy.") - By Dr. Louis Dechmann

Part 3

In this manner I obtained a clear insight into the actions of the so-called mineral material in the organism, and it gradually became obvious to me that everything is dependent upon the introduction of the proper sanguifying or nutritive mineral salts into the blood.

On this basis I founded the so-called "organic nutritive cell-food therapy" (called the Dech-Manna therapy).

The point may be raised that the elements of the food we eat or drink are heterogeneous and that the mineral matter in them is naturally and casually acquired, according to the properties of the soil they grow in. This is the general opinion, but not the fact. Our vegetables, grain, meat and milk contain too much phosphoric acid and sal ammoniac, and this is due to the use of artificial and animal fertilizers, while the sulphurics are very often entirely missing.

Von Liebig says: When we consider that the sugar refineries of Waghausel have an annual output in the market of 600,000 lbs. of potassic salt, which is taken from the soil by the turnips of the Baden fields without being replaced, and that there is cultivated in Northern Germany, year by year, with the assistance of guano, an immense amount of potatoes solely for the manufacture of spirits, and that these potato fields are consequently robbed of the essential ingredients which potatoes should contain, and as these elements are only partially replaced by the insufficient component parts of the guano, we cannot be in doubt as to the condition of these fields. The ground may be ever so rich in ingredients, but it is exhaustible. The analysis of our blood indicates that, in order to remain healthy, it must contain twice as many sulphuric as phosphoric salts.

We talk glibly about a natural mode of living, a simple diet; but where in our civilized countries can we find food that really serves healthy sanguification?

The crux of the question is this: Why do we propose to heal naturally and not also to nourish naturally?—The latter is, to say the least of it, just as important as the former. But if both were practiced conjointly, a beneficial object might be more quickly and surely gained.

It is true, we are taught to eat more vegetables than meat; that our bread lacks the chief nourishing qualities, and so on; but we have hitherto been in no wise informed as to the substances that are relatively harmful or beneficial to us.

Why is it then that the science of the sanative power of nature, as well as medical science, is still in doubt in regard to the relation that must absolutely exist between the separate component parts of our nourishment in order to obtain normal healthy sanguification?

The reason is that the application of a real chemistry of life has never been comprehended until now.

According to my judgment it is Von Liebig and Julius Hensel who showed us the paths we are to take to the field of enquiry most important of all; for without a sound body all the coveted acquisitions of modern times are worthless to us.

The solution of the question how to prevent the degeneration of mankind would be a simple and natural one, if history and proverb had not taught us that as often as a new truth appears "the very oxen butt their horns against it." They cannot help this, the "disposition" is natural; for when Pythagoras had found the Master of Arts, Mathesios, he was so overjoyed that he sacrificed one hundred oxen to the gods, and ever since that time oxen are attacked with an hereditary fright whenever a new truth appears,—the human ox is no exception.

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