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About DNA

DNA is the chemical found in the nucleus of cells that makes up chromosomes. It is important to all cells, and to all organisms, because an organism (be it an amoeba or a human being) could do nothing without DNA. It could not carry out its normal functions, could not replace worn-out cells, and could not reproduce. DNA is responsible for passing genetic information to new cells during the process of cell division, it is responsible for passing genetic information from one generation to the next during reproduction, and it provides the instructions for building proteins, which in turn carry out the major functions of a cell.

Thanks to the work of James Watson, Francis Crick, Linus Pauling, and many other scientists, we now know that DNA is a double helix (spiral) molecule, consisting of two complementary strands of sugar-phosphate groups with bases attached. The sequence of bases (A, G, C, and T) provide all the genetic information needed to carry out the cell’s activities.

Did You Know?

Different cells reproduce at different rates. For example:

  • Cells of the nervous system are never replaced.
  • Red blood cells last a few months before being replaced by new red blood cells.
  • Cells in the intestines live only a few days.

DNA damage can occur from many sources. Attacks by reactive oxygen species produced from normal metabolic byproducts, Ultraviolet Radiation from the Sun, X-ray’s, Thermal Disruption, Plant Toxins, Viruses, Chemicals, and other means.

Over 74,000 damage incidences occur in DNA per cell per day. Repairing damaged DNA is vital for your survival and physical well being. That's why DNA damage is a major topic of research within cancer biology. Damage not only causes cancer, it is used as a means to cure certain cancers through radiotherapy or chemotherapy and is also responsible for the side effects of these treatments.

Cancer is out-of-control cell division. It involves a change in the DNA structure that causes an alteration of the normal DNA regulating mechanisms. The malignant (cancerous) cells no longer respond to normal regulatory signals. Cancer most often strikes older individuals.

With Binaural Beats technology it is possible to bring the frequencies of the brain to a Low Delta State that will provide DNA stimulation and promote DNA Healing.

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