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Are You Food Sensitive?

By Joan Breakey

Food sensitivity or food intolerance is any adverse reaction your body has to foods or chemicals in foods. It is a real problem for many people. Reactions can include; Ecezma, Headaches & Migraine, ASD, ADHD, Irritability, Tummy aches and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

If you or one of your family members have these conditions it is seriously worth investigating food sensitivity or food intolerance as a potential contributor. Do you want to learn unique and practical method of working out exactly what you react to?

Learn about The Total Body Load. This is the concept that it is the total load of all suspect additives, food chemicals and also environmental chemicals, as well as family allergies which can have adverse effects. You will learn to lower all of these so you then gradually expand the diet as much as possible for the long term.

The "Are You Food Sensitive?" book gives you a straight forward approach to doing this. It provides a proven method for being your own diet detective giving you a simple, no fuss process for investigating which foods may be problematic. Saving you time and minimising impact on your lifestyle.

This popular book contains a wealth of information for both dietitians and people who wonder if they are food sensitive. It has detailed diet information as well as all the explanations that only an experienced dietitian can provide. It provides an update on what to minimise or exclude, and how to incorporate the family sensitivity history. Here under one cover is a wealth of information from a dietitian whose long experience in this complex area of diet therapy shows.

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