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The Power Of Relaxation

Understanding the True Power of Relaxation

Relaxation is power with a special tone, rather, a feeling out of common, touched with a light that shines clear out of some powerful source which we cannot define. It uncovers a special joy of the spirit, it moves us, makes us glow with a sort of ardor of self-discovery. It touches us and makes our spiritual and physical life wonderful.

You have far more power to create and influence your life than you may be aware of. In fact, you are creating your life this very moment by the thoughts you are choosing to entertain. Your thoughts are the main forces in creating your personal life and determining your success or failure.

Modern Life And Need For Relaxation

We all know that our life is constantly changing and presents problems. Time and life inevitably alter the environment as well as our minds and bodies, and changes present problems.

Our life was once simple, more relaxed, with more leisure and more human. When we call a thing human we have a spiritual ideal in mind. We are distinguished as humans by the qualities that mark us different from the beasts. But now, we live complex, confused, multifarious life that no animal would survive. Haste, anxiety, preoccupation, the need to accumulate more material things, demands to learn more, specialize and make machines of ourselves, have transformed the once simple world, and made our own habitat inhumane. Our modern life is restless, busy, with the crushing crowds in the streets and thunderous noise of trade and industry that speaks of nothing but gain and competition. There is no leisure anywhere, no quiet, no restful ease, no wise repose, just rushing aggregate urban life which does nothing human and natural—just shocks us.

Modern life and its constant changes offers no quiet time for reflection; it permits no retirement to any who share its consuming fever. We cannot say that the changes are not natural: we see in it, on the contrary, the fulfillment of an inevitable law of change, which is no doubt a law of growth, and not of decay. But yet we should know it is totally inhumane and makes us unhealthy. 

For our own health and sanity, we need to learn how to relax and to develop our own set of moral and intellectual standards. Our task should be wholesome, balanced life touched with dignity and quality that goes with good sense and self-respect.

Relaxation will bring proper view that shall clear our minds and quicken us to act. For those who know the power of relaxation there is only one way—daily rutine.

In order to enjoy our life, we have to learn how to relax our body and practice focused relaxation in order to master our mind, enhance our imagination, and discover our genius and creativity.


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