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Health Risks of Tattooing and Piercing

What You Should Do To Prevent Problems

Tetanus risk could be prevented by having an up-to-date tetanus booster prior to being tattooed.

Refrain from using alcohol or drugs before being tattooed or pierced. Alcohol and drugs thin your blood, so you will bleed more.

Tell the artist if you have any allergies to metal, iodine, petroleum-based or alcohol-based products etc.

Never have tattoo or pierce skin that has a cut or break, pimples, warts, or other abnormalities.

If you must touch your tattoo or before rotating the jewelry to the pierced area, always wash your hands properly with soap and water first. If you are concerned that the tattoo or piercing is infected, contact your doctor or local health unit.

If the tattooed area becomes red, swollen, tender or if pus develops, you may have an infection. Don't wait, see your doctor immediately.

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