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Medicine or Charlatanism?

There are beyond any doubt many theoretical questions of health and disease which traditional health professionals and unconventional medicine alike are unable satisfactorily to settle. But if that be admitted, then it is certainly not in the public interest that drug treatments and operations should be accepted as only and the last words in medical science.

It is also true that numerous members of the unconventional medicine and people or companies involved in production of simple and natural remedies frequently face accusations of charlatanism, and are subjects to persecution by medical associations and government agencies.

If the medical profession were all that it is supposed to be, it might be good that the recommended natural remedies and alternative reformer should suffer in solitude while all experiments and methods were subjected to adequate tests and criticism. If the government agencies and associated medical professionals enviously guarded the public from charlatanism while they impartially investigated every logic fresh discovery, the true reformer and general public would welcome the protection unfolded by other fair professionals and everybody affected would benefit. Pure, science should dictate whether a medication gets approved, not profits and politics.

It must not be forgotten that we owe many valuable discoveries of medical science to qualified members of other professions, just as discoveries of certain discoveries in science are made by people working at other respective trades.

Did you ever think about, or look for answers, on questions:
  • What happened to the practice of medicine, which for ages has been known as the “healing art”?
  • How come traditional medicine always prefer to come up with chemical substances which, in the form of medications, and when injected into the blood, shall counteract the effects of disease?
  • We all know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so why they don't pay more attention to prevention of disease?
  • If we live in modern democratic society, how come government officials can appoint (mostly at our own expense) doctors to perform traditional medicine treatments, force the people who may have the misfortune to contract a disease, which the doctors have not told him how to prevent, and submit them to such treatments?

Help Build Your Health

We know that some people just want to be fixed. The only way to quality healthy life is to take full responsibility for your own health requirements. You should engage more actively in your health maintenance and healing process. Don't just wait to be fixed, there are much wider choices in health care today than ever before. Get involved and help build your own health!

"People should know and always keep in mind that most dangerous type of charlatan is the licensed one." —Maya G.


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