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What Happened to the Practice of Good Medicine?

“Public health is the foundation on which reposes the happiness of the people and the power of a country. The care of the public health is the first duty of a statesman.” —Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881).

Most people believe that the first duty of a professional health care worker is to instruct the people in the laws of health and therefore prevent disease, the tendency shouldn't be towards a conspiracy of mystery, fraudulence, and silence.

edicine is the most important progressive science today. Beyond any doubt the medicine is improved due to the work of science, which necessarily includes the progressive members of the medical profession, but the practical advice offered by medical personnel is not much better and more effective than it used to be.

The terms ‘medical breakthrough’ and ‘new health discovery’ nearly always imply only ideas associated with new drugs on the market or new equipment used. They scarcely connote ideas of better food quality and management, or, if they do, it is only to the extent of inferring that food shall not be impure or of bad quality—and perhaps that there shall be adequate quantity of it.

Most doctors today don't boder to answer such questions as what are the real reasons for taking bad food into the body, what type of food shall we eat to maintain healthy balance, how much genetically modified food and drugs used influences our metabolism, how much chemical substances used in our environment and food production influence the chemical activity that occurs in cells of living organisms, these and many other relevant questions are usually left to someone else to answer or people alone have to dig to find the answers.

We have sorrowfully to admit, however, that nearly all the great achievements upon which medicine plumes herself today are in the direction of physicians practicing defensive medicine to avoid malpractice litigation, prescribing more drugs or increasing the doctors' power over a patient, and seldom of giving their patients power over disease. Most modern medicine professionals and appointed officials today want to inquire into, and decide upon what is to be done, but they make no inquiries into the real nature of the disease and patient's role and involvement into recovery.


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