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Where Do You Go When You Dream? WHERE DO YOU GO WHEN YOU DREAM?

Memory is always involved in imagination. Human imagination exhibits compulsion, purpose and control. Start daydreaming and using your imagination. Ideas, relations, objects and combinations may be made more vivid and real by resolution of mind and persistent practice.

The greatest opportunity in our life is the opportunity to learn how to make our five senses to yield us to greater brain powers. Daydreaming and positive thinking can multiply the powers of your Senses, through which your knowledge and success may be enhanced.

A powerful daydream is very emotional visionary fantasy experienced while awake, especially one of happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes, or ambitions. Include in your daydreams some of your fantasies about future life, business plans or personal scenarios.

Actual practice of daydreaming is powerful exercise of your brain powers and one of the   the popular methods that will yield you to increased spiritual powers and help you on your road to personal improvement and better control of your Will power.

"It is the will that makes the man." So, start training your power to will.
Our mind may train and develop its own power of willing. As a person you can make your own brain to use special mental functions or aptitudes, only if you have the Will strong enough to take the trouble. By constant practice, the Will stimulus will not only organize brain centers to perform new functions, but will also project new connecting (association fibres) which will make nerve centers work together as they could not without being thus associated.

While daydreaming has long been derided as a non-productive and very often lazy pastime, daydreaming is actually very constructive in many contexts. There are numerous examples of people developing new ideas through daydreaming. For example, many artists, architects, research scientists, mathematicians, and physicists have developed new ideas by daydreaming about their subject areas.

Even if we don't like the stuff we are doing, we can work ourselves up into a loving mood, by forcing the attention and the train of ideas upon all the kindness and affection that we have experienced in the past. When you are in that situation, try to use a lot of positive images from the past.

Keep in mind that positive thinking is the best "food" for your Soul. Daydreaming is positive force, so use daydreaming to charge your Soul. Try to memorize your daydreams and go back to them as often as you can. Use daydreaming to train your thoughts, develop interest and get inspiration. Mental energy usually "charges" the Soul by the process of memorizing.

Every idea, object, relations, and combinations may be made more vivid and real by resolution of mind and persistent practice. Failures in these fields are frequently due to the fact that the Will does not force the mind to see things as details and as complex wholes. The strong Will enables the mind to recall, with growing intensity, objects, persons, facts, and many complex details, and huge conceptions of the worlds of real life and of ideal existence.

The power, control and direction of Will may be developed through controlled, willed and directed action. When Will is self developed, self mastered and self directed, it only needs proper application to become practically all powerful.

Start by assuring yourself you can do what you wish to do, and assuring yourself on the principles of auto suggestion. Do not set impossible task for yourself at the beginning, keep your ambitions proper to your intelligence, timing and place in life, because no amount of will power can accomplish impossible aims. Remember, Will is always the mind's power of self-direction. It is exhibited in connection with your Physical, Mental, and Moral states. So choose right, and move forward.


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